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At the moment, if I schedule a post for 2pm Sunday, it will always go out at 2pm Sunday.

I can try to make it seem a little more human by making it 2:04pm, but it will still go out at the same time – 2:04pm – every Sunday.

I reckon it would be awesome if we could set an "optional variability" of, say, up to 5min either side – so selecting this option and scheduling for 2pm Sunday will mean that some Sundays it goes out at 1:58pm; the next 2:04pm; the next 2:02pm... and so on.

As well as appearing more "human", this will also allow for the variability of our fans' time on social media. If the variability could be a selection of ranges – say, 5min, 10min, 30min – we could cover a broader period when our fans are online using just the one schedule.

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